Our team of expert translators and consultants analyze the client’s needs and respond with customized, integrated translation and consultancy solutions. We work with the client beforehand to agree on term bases, install and utilize computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools and style glossaries. Our objective is to continuously improve on our services based on feedback we receive from our clients while never compromising on quality.

Our Service Range:

Legal Translation

We translate:

- Turkish and European legislation,
- Merger and acquisition agreements,
- Corporate documents,
- Court proceedings,
- Official documents,
- Sales and distributorship agreements and other legal texts for leading Turkish and international law offices and legal departments of multinational companies. Upon request we deliver certified and/or notarized translations.

Corporate Translation

We are involved in all aspects of corporate communication and organization to provide you with the best translation possible:

- Corporate briefings and trainings
- Organizational charts, job descriptions, policies and procedures
- Website and product localization
- Certified accountants’ reports
- Annual reports
- Audit reports


We are number one when it comes to the right translation that will make your voice heard.

- Marketing collateral
- Marketing and communication reports
- Brand, product and service launches
- Press releases
- Media monitoring
- Crisis management
- Advertising
- Product training
- Copywriting

Technical Translations

Our expert team is at your disposal for any technical document in energy, construction, automotive, textile, architecture, finance and other industries, such as:

- Technical documents
- Tender specifications
- Product brochures and factsheets
- Quality standards and certificates
- Manuals
- Subtitling
- Transcription
- Desktop publishing

Academic Translation

We offer translation, editing and proofreading services to

- Universities,
- Researchers,
- Academicians and
- Institutions for any text with academic and theoretical content, such as researches, articles or reports.


When it’s not on paper, we offer simultaneous, consecutive and whisper interpretation and ancillary services.

- Press events
- Company meetings
- Plant tours
- Court and notary interpretation
- Conference interpretation
- Equipment hire

Editing & Proofing Services

A raw translation looks like an incomplete art piece. It needs the ingenious touches of a master to find its real value even if produced by the most talented translator. To ensure peace of mind, we verify and review our own and third party translations in terms of

- terminology
- wording,
- style,
- cohesion and
- consistency with meticulous attention before delivering to our customers.

S&S Academy

In addition to our primary translation and proofing solutions, we offer our employees and customers tailored training courses and workshops according to their needs and expectations, including

- Training courses both for our in-house and freelance translators and editors
- Group and private foreign language classes for professionals
- Presentation techniques
- Commercial correspondence
- Rhetoric and negotiation techniques