About Us

S&S Translation Services is an Istanbul-based company founded in 2006. Run and staffed by translators, the company focuses less on the business side and more on the translation itself, an approach that pays off in superior client satisfaction, excellent references and word-of-mouth that lead to growth of business year after year. The current client base of S&S includes leading law offices, insurance companies, chartered accountants, universities and multinational companies operating in Turkey. Although the majority of our work is in Turkish, English and German, we offer translation services also in other major languages including German, French, Russian, Arabic and Portuguese.

S&S excels in corporate and brand trainings, localization of technical documents, and legal translation in finance, automotive, FMCG, textile, fuel and lubricants, architecture, and information industries as well as academia. The company is also actively involved in public relations and advertising, where the right copy must be written for the right audience. The company offers premium, hour-guaranteed services to clients who have regular and time-sensitive translation requirements.

Principles and Values

We rely on communication

The choices and expectations of our customers are important and guiding for us. An effective communication is the best way to adopt these. We base all customer communications on the fact that we do not act on the other side, but on the same side. We respect customer feedback as an opportunity to improve our work, because we give priority to performance rather than commercial aspects.

We will not accept a job if we can’t do it properly

No inferior translation will ever leave the offices of S&S Translations. If we are not 100% sure we can do a great job, we will simply refuse it, and tell you why. Preferring quality to quantity, we do not promise anything that we cannot fulfill, and last but not the least, we stand by our word.

We will not accept a job if we can’t make it by the deadline

Save yourself the frustration of checking your inbox every five minutes. We will deliver by the hour, and we will tell you before we accept the job if we can’t. In case of a delay for any reason, we give timely notices.

We are not cheap

Nor are our translators. We pay premium fees to top translators and proofreaders so you can rest assured you are getting the best translation possible.

Our Strengths

Our Team

Sıla Okur

Okur has a BA in English Literature from Istanbul University and an MA in Cultural Studies from Istanbul Bilgi University. He has been a freelance translator since 1998, and a founding partner of S&S Translation Services since 2006. His area of expertise is legal translation, serving local and international law offices and the legal departments of multinational companies.

Sıla Okur’s portfolio includes corporate trainings, new brand launches and communication campaigns. He has extensive experience in marketing-related subjects and has been responsible for entire onboarding trainings and launch campaigns for many well-known brands entering the Turkish market for the first time.

Sıla Okur is also a translator of literature and has over 20 published translations in English and Turkish.

Dilek Sağesen

She has a bachelor’s degree from Marmara University Business Administration Department in Finance and Accounting Major and an MBA degree in International Marketing Communications from Hamburg University.

Between 1995-2003, she was assigned to various positions with the leading companies in finance and automotive industries in Turkey. She was engaged in finance and accounting, foreign trade, logistics, inventory planning and warehousing operations. She had often been abroad to maintain business contacts and logistics operations with foreign suppliers, preparing and presenting company presentations, financial and operational reports.

Between 2003-2008, she practiced in product and brand management, including development and implementation of marketing strategies as well as the product portfolio.

She joined S&S Translation team in 2011 after her career as a freelance translator and interpreter in Turkish-English-German, mainly in banking and insurance, automotive, food, health & wellness, textile, energy, construction, architecture industries.

She founded Elis Translation Services in İstanbul in 2015. Since 2016, she offers professional translation services especially in her expertise areas such as technical, marketing and legal documents as well as interpretation services to our corporate and individual customers.

Gizem Gökçe

Gizem Gökçe has a BA from Istanbul University Russian Literature. She worked as an intern translator at Translation Office of Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

She has been a Russian – English – Turkish translator since 2014, mainly in the fields of social sciences and history, subtitling and dubbing, tourism & travel, environment, education & pedagogy, medical devices, automotive, energy, textile and construction.

Gizem translated Mikhail Bulgakov’s famous novella “Heart of a Dog” from Russian into Turkish. She joined S&S Translation Team in 2017.